How To Make Cheap Alcohol Taste Better

Forget the Brita filters

If most of your college nights were spent passing cheap liquor through a Brita filter, a new flask is offering a better solution for the next time you decide to stoop to the bottom shelf.

With an Indiegogo campaign that launched earlier this week, Magic Flask promises it will boost even the most bracing bottles into something smooth, palatable and deceivingly premium. Its company, Potion Pal, says it's all thanks to the flask's manufacturing process, which exposes the steel to electromagnetic waves that then allow it "to make qualitative changes to the water molecules of the liquor contained within its walls."

The result is a spirit with an enhanced aroma, color and taste that won't burn your throat—though the company also notes the effect is less discernible with already-high-end bottles. All you have to do is let your alcohol of choice sit in the flask for 30 to 60 minutes before consuming. Plus, your booze will still retain its improved taste even once you've poured it out of the flask—and into that shot glass you've been holding onto since your undergrad years.