This Week's Best Food News: Gordon Ramsay & Bobby Flay

We get it, you're busy. We're swamped, too—busy combing the Internet to keep you in the loop amid this fast-moving world, that is. Head into the weekend with these articles, food-related deep dives and Tasting Table reads stored away as dinner party conversation fodder.

All About Food

• Watch Gordon Ramsay pull his sharpest knives out on Bobby Flay.

• In celebration of women's rights, Johnnie Walker releases a Jane Walker whiskey . . .

• . . . And women are not having it.

• One brave man "went full Jesus" with his Instant Pot.

• See what a day in the life is like for a line cook at one of NYC's fanciest restaurants.

• Eleven Madison Park is heading to Aspen.

• Don't worry, This Is Us fans: Jack can now forever live on your Crock-Pot.

• First gin and tonic toast, now gin and tonic Easter eggs.

Around the Web

• This hotel has a beer tap in every room, and cold shower beers.

• Rome turns into Winterfell.

This Week on TT

• Summer arrives (four months early), thanks to rosé cider.

• If you don't live in Waco, you can at least see everything Chip and Jo are serving at Magnolia Table. 

• If you thought Dolce & Gabbana's clothes were bold, just wait until you see its $600 toaster.

• The one thing you know more about than Bill Gates.

• San Francisco's newest coffee shop has a robot barista.