Bill Gates & Ellen's Grocery Store Game

Well, here's one thing you know more about than the billionaire

As it turns out, Bill Gates isn't the genius we think he is. Well, at least when it comes to knowing how much a bag of frozen food costs.  

The billionaire philanthropist recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where DeGeneres gave him the supposedly easy task of guessing the prices of everyday grocery items. Except, when you're Bill Gates, you probably don't have time to run to Kroger in between saving the world and giving away the majority of your fortune. As to the last time he actually stepped foot past the automatic sliding doors of a supermarket?

"A long time ago," he jokes.

Case in point: In Gates's world, a box of Rice-A-Roni costs $5 (as opposed to, you know, just a buck), a full case of Tide Pods is somehow $4 (instead of $20) and a bag of after-school frozen pizza rolls retails for a whopping $22 (actually $9). 

Watch the entire video here and go on with the rest of your day knowing that there's at least one thing you're more knowledgeable about than Bill Gates.