Rosé Cider From Angry Orchard

Summer's arrived (4 months early)

We're not even going to skate around the fact that this is our umpteenth post on pink-colored beverages or that it's coming to you four months too early. But just know, when summer finally does roll around, Angry Orchard has your drinking needs covered with its new rosé cider.

There's no actual wine mixed in these bottles—the drink gets its hue from rare red-fleshed apples sourced from Brittany, France, which are added to the mix of five other apple varieties and flavorings such as hibiscus. 

"The rare red flesh apples used in our Rosé not only impart complex flavors but contribute to the cider's beautiful rosy hue," Ryan Burk, the company's head cider maker, says. "It's crisp, refreshing, and unlike any other style we have crafted." 

We had a chance to knock back one (or two) bottles of the blush cider: Think of it as an adult soda with flavors of apple and a bit of strawberry that's well worth the inevitable sugary hangover.