Malaysia Travel Instagram Photo Contest

Our editors sorted through thousands of entries to find the best of the best

After a month filled with thousands of entrants into our travel-themed photo contest, we finally have a winner. It wasn't an easy decision, but ultimately we fell in love with this shot of a vibrant side street in Malaysia from Cassandra Brooklyn (aka @escapingny). Here's what she had to say about her winning photo:

"This picture was taken in the town of Ipoh in northwest Malaysia. Though it's not one of Malaysia's top tourist sites, it's known for clever street art, which is what took me there. The photo depicts Concubine Lane, where a mining tycoon in the 1800s gifted three lanes to his three wives, hence the names Concubine Lane, First Concubine Lane, and Wife Lane. Folklore has it that the lanes also served as hiding places for men and their second wives. The area has become a hub of street art, hip cafes, and all sorts of fun in an unsuspecting region." 

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