Monkey Shoulder Giant Cocktail Shaker

Think of it as the over-21 version of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Now that we've grown up and can no longer (reasonably) be excited about spotting the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile in the wild, keep your eyes peeled for distiller Monkey Shoulder's 21-and-over version: a giant cement mixer cocktail shaker dubbed the Monkey Mixer.

It's making its grand debut at Arizona Cocktail Week, February 17 to 19, before making a grand tour across the country to other cocktail festivals, plus a few surprise pit stops. According to the press release, the giant metal shaker can mix up a 2,400-gallon cocktail (or 123,000 bottles' worth of Scotch whisky) that's then dispensed through a chute.

"People should play with their whisky, and enjoy the experience," Seb Derbomez, an ambassador for Monkey Shoulder, says. "The Monkey Mixer is a great vehicle to share this message in a big and unmistakable way."