Video: Chef From A Michelin-Starred Restaurant Makes Scallop Lasagna

Watch a chef from a Michelin-starred restaurant turn scallops into pasta

It might be called lasagna, but this dish is a far cry from your usual tomato-based, cheesy flour-and-water affair. Instead, the sheets of "pasta" are made out of pure, fresh scallops, and the "filling" is a bed of oyster and eggplant that hides underneath.

André Chiang, the chef and owner at Restaurant André, teamed up with Singapore's leading culinary school, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, to show us how the dish is made. First, he grills the oyster over smoldering charcoal and adds it to the plate, along with smoked eggplant. Then comes the real magic: turning puréed scallop into a paper-thin noodle that gets draped over the whole affair and garnished with a watercress emulsion and sambal vinaigrette.

Restaurant André is currently number two on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list and is sadly set to close soon, but you can relive its glory by rewatching this video as many times as you'd like.