Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2018

Even if you're dating yourself

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, Palentine's Day or Listen to "Single-Ladies" 47 Times Day, we have your gifting needs covered. There's everything from artisanal chocolates to memorable experiences for a party of one, because you're the only person who will truly never leave you. 

The Chocolate

For your friend: "Beauty Chocolates" are a better option than repeating the Sephora gift card move yet again.

For your lover: Turn a box of chocolates into a whiskey-fueled experience with the Whiskey Pairing Collection from SF-based Recchiuti Confections.

For yourself: Stay awake as you marathon-watch the classic BBC Pride and Prejudice (wait, is that just me?) with coffee-spiked chocolate

The Liquid Courage

For your friend: Rosé from the one and only Jon Bon Jovi pairs well with everything—roast chicken, butternut squash, voodoo dolls of your ex—and proves that summer isn't the only time for pink wine.

For your lover: The latest release from 7 Moons Wine has just as many phases as your growing relationship.

For yourself: Turn your house into a speakeasy with Flaviar, a subscription liquor service that brings you tastes from a collection of more than 15,000 rare bottles.

The Experience

For your friend: You may not have a forever love, but at least you have each other. Sign up for a class together, preferably one that features heavy pours of good wine.

For your lover: Splurge on a multi-course tasting menu at one of your favorite restaurants in town and bask in the mutual glow of dozens of happy couples.

For yourself: There's a long weekend coming up, so take your mind off the fact that everyone's pairing up like it's Noah's Ark, the Sequel by planning a solo vacation. This tiny home resort should be the perfect size. 

The Tangible Object

For your friend: This rose gold Joule will match their smartphone, inspire cooking experiments and never let them down with an overcooked steak.

For your lover: If this isn't the year you put a ring on it, at least show how timeless your love is with an equally classic gift—a Polaroid from the 1970s, restored by a small Brooklyn company.

For yourself: This lighter-weight cast-iron pan won't break your heart or your wrist.

The Food Item

For your friend: Cheeky title, two types of chocolate and sparks of popping candy—Bang Candy Co.'s Love Bites have it all.

For your lover: These giant, soft-baked treats from Bang Cookies will make any sweet-toothed sweetheart cry tears of happiness. The espresso chocolate chunk and s'mores are office favorites, but the strawberry jam-stuffed chocolate cookie is a holiday-appropriate hero.

For yourself: Feeling a little salty about being alone? Take it out on your margarita rim with Magic Unicorn Sea Salt.