Tiny Home Resort In Wisconsin

It's the Midwest's first village dedicated to pint-size homes

If you've ever wanted to give living in a tiny house a try (without giving up your full-size abode), spend the weekend at Escape Village, the Midwest's first vacation resort dedicated to pint-size homes. 

Founder Dan Dobrowolski has teamed up with architects to design miniature dwellings spacious enough that you won't feel like you're living a scene straight out of Elf. The cabins borrow design elements from Frank Lloyd Wright and feature full-size bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and, in some cases, king-size beds.

But just like any overly picky House Hunters couple will tell you, it's all about the location: The resort is situated on Wisconsin's Canoe Bay, where residents have access to lakefront views, plus more than 100 acres of forests and wetlands.

Overnight rates start at $195 a night, though if serious downsizing is up your alley, you can purchase one of Escape Village's tiny homes.