Coffee Shops For Doing Work In NYC

For when you've 'worked from home' one too many times

New York is one of few cities where coffee can cost as much as daily rent, but NYC does have its share of laptop-friendly, Wi-Fi-enabled, extra-roomy cafés that are great for working remotely. You can't choose your coworkers, but you can pick which seat to call your desk for the day, so grab your laptop and embrace the daily grind at these coffee shops around the city.

Citizens of Chelsea

401 W. 25th St., New York, NY 10001

If you've opened Instagram before, you've likely seen geotagged photos from Citizens of Chelsea. The avocado toast is plated with two swooshes of bright-pink beet hummus, and the latte art is as detailed as it comes. But the food is worthwhile, the Wi-Fi is free and the communal tables are large, so it's a solid place to spend an afternoon.

Ninth Street Espresso 

700 E. Ninth St., New York, NY 10009

As long as you're not a martyr and working on weekends (when the café turns off Wi-Fi—something we all could stand to try), the original Ninth Street Espresso has ample two-tops and winning espresso. Its Alphabet City location translates to less foot traffic for those who like a quieter work space.

East One Coffee Roasters

384 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

New to Carroll Gardens, East One Coffee Roasters jitters with some of NYC's freshest caffeine, thanks to its on-site roastery. The corner café not only has communal tables up front (with outlets in the floor) but also a proper restaurant with table service in the back. Just don't slack on any deadlines: The Wi-Fi sometimes goes dark once the café switches to dinner service. 

Birch Coffee

21 E. 27th St., New York, NY 10016

Birch Coffee is a controversial choice—there's no Wi-Fi. But if you're writing a novel (literally, on actual paper) or work better off-line (no pop-up notifications, no rabbit-hole Googling), the shop has house-roasted beans, a large table and an intimate, elevated reading nook with a lending library. Plus, you might even make a friend—or future fauxworker—thanks to the conversation starter cards.

Keith Flanagan is a Brooklyn-based food and travel writer—he's never met a pastry he didn't eat. Follow his every meal on Instagram at @keithflanny.