Pepper Spray Beer From Dogfish Head

The Dogfish Head release is better left for drinking than for self-defense

Pepper spray: the special ingredient you didn't ask for in a beer. But it's the latest ingredient to land in Dogfish Head Brewery's newest release, In Your Mace. The unexpected collaboration comes courtesy of brewery founder Sam Calagione, whose longtime friend just so happens to be an executive at Mace Security International. 

"Any day we get to brew a beer wearing full body suits, face masks and respirators is a memorable day in the brewhouse," Calagione jokes about the process of making the limited-edition bottles. The coffee milk stout is flavored with cinnamon verum chips, coffee and chicory, while using mace in two different forms: the warm winter spice and the potent pepper oil used in self-defense spray. 

You shouldn't think of this beer as the next viral YouTube challenge though: According to the announcement, you can expect a smoky, moderately sweet stout spiced with nutmeg and espresso, and a "palate-warming chile-spiced finish."

Dogfish Head is releasing only 200 of these bottles at its Delaware tasting room on February 17, and knowing the world's love for Cap'n Crunch ale and fried chicken IPA, we won't be surprised when it sells out.