Black History Month Virtual Potluck

Join in as they honor cultural diversity with Nigerian jollof rice, blackberry cobbler and so much more

In today's current sociopolitical climate, it's more important than ever to celebrate diversity in all its forms—including via food—and support the people creating and sharing their cultures, kitchens and lives with the world. It's why for the second year in a row, I'm joining forces with Dallas-based blogger Meiko Drew of Meiko and the Dish to gather together a group of 28 food bloggers to showcase the breadth of the black culinary experience. This virtual potluck is our small part to show society that "black food" is more than fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens (though there's some of that, too).

This year's roster of participants features a combination of blogosphere veterans and some newer entrants into the online recipe world. Jerrelle Guy of Chocolate for Basil is sharing a recipe for pilau, an African-spiced rice dish flavored with pilau masala (toasted and ground cinnamon, cumin seeds, cardamom, black pepper, and cloves) and paired with kachumbari, a zesty fresh salsa. Meanwhile, Beyond the Bayou Food Blog is creating a Creole seafood court bouillon, featuring red snapper, shrimp and blue crab. And in the dessert category, Meiko is contributing a candied bourbon peach cobbler, while I'm making an orange Bundt cake with vanilla glaze.

This is just a sampling of the dishes, but in case you haven't done the math yet, there are enough recipes for you to make a new one every day of the month.

Find out how to get in on the action and learn more about the project's origins here.