Where To Get Nonalcoholic Cocktails In NYC

It's your shortcut for getting through Dry January

Making it to the Dry January home stretch deserves a preemptive happy hour celebration—and you don't even have to break your alcohol fast prematurely. Some of your favorite NYC bars now carry Curious Elixirs, the Hudson Valley company known for its booze-free craft cocktails.

What used to be a mail-order affair can now be sipped at places like Michelin-star Korean steakhouse Cote in Flatiron, Loosie Rouge in Williamsburg and The Happiest Hour in the West Village.

A team of world-class bartenders, herbalists and food scientists ensures ordering the complex, slightly effervescent Curious No. 1 or smoky, citrusy No. 2 tinctures won't feel like you're sitting in the penalty box. All that's left to do is pencil happy hour back into your agenda.