Lego Pop-Up Bar In L.A.

Plastic bricks and booze are all we need in life

We've seen our fair share of gimmicky pop-up bars, ranging from a Star Wars cantina that transported us back to Episode IV to a Game of Thrones pub that wouldn't look out of place in King's Landing. But even if you aren't a fan of either of those fandoms, you can't deny the universal appeal of this upcoming Lego bar.

One Million Bricks promises to combine your childhood passion with your favorite over-21 hobby into a series of pop-ups around the world, including one in Los Angeles. According to Eater, the aptly named bar will be constructed from more than a million bricks, including sculptures and areas where patrons can spend the night clicking together bricks over booze (and, of course, trying to then pry them apart). 

Though the exact opening date of the L.A. location is yet to be announced, you can pick up presale tickets to the first-come, first-serve bar. Just be sure to wear an extra-padded pair of shoes when you do go.