Barbados Restaurants & Food Guide

Rum punch, roti and sweet bread are cause for a Caribbean vacation

The Caribbean is full of islands packed with gorgeous beaches and freshly caught fish, but the vibrant food scene in Barbados makes it stand out as a culinary destination unique to anywhere else in the sea. If you find yourself flying into Bridgetown, the capital, you should definitely have an eating itinerary planned. Here are the five culinary spots on the island you shouldn't miss.

Cuz's Fish Shack

This family-owned stand is run by Cuz's son and serves what may be the best sandwich you've ever had. Panfried blue marlin is topped with New Zealand cheddar, lettuce and cucumber on a sweet roll. The combination of the sharpness of the cheese with the sweetness of the bun and the savory punch of the seared fish creates a heady sandwich experience.

Nicholls Baking Company

Barbados is packed with unique pastries that are beyond addictive—like the sweet bread and jam puffs at Nicholls Baking Company. The factory location, where you'll find pound cake stuffed with coconut, puff pastry turnovers made with local jam and the highly necessary rum cake, is the perfect spot for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

The Lone Star

Barbados is known for its rum production, so you'd be remiss to skip out on a stop for rum punch. This boutique hotel and restaurant has a beachside bar serving up some of the best on the island, packed with rum, cream of coconut, Crisma (a rum cream liqueur) and frozen banana. It's definitely meant to be consumed with your feet in the sand.

Indian Grill

Top-quality rum punch might be expected, but Barbados also has some of the best roti you'll find anywhere. This rich flatbread is stuffed with a combination of curried chicken or lamb and potatoes, served with tamarind and hot Scotch bonnet pepper sauces.


Sorry, McDonald's: The island's fast-food allegiance lies with Chefette, the local chain found only on Barbados. Its roti and fried chicken won't disappoint.