Trader Joe's Stocking Stuffers 2017

Leave the lame toys on the shelves

Let Trader Joe's be your one-stop shop for stocking stuffers this year. Because let's face it—you're probably already there picking up last-minute Christmas meal ingredients anyway.

Sugar Plum Jam

While the Sugar Plum Fairy wraps up her Nutcracker run, this sweet, fragrant spread is making its debut on your mom's breakfast table.

Vermont Maple Gift Set

Break this collection up into individual gifts and give one to each of your siblings. If you really like each other, you can pool the bottles together on Christmas morning for an epic pancake spread.

Chocolate Bar Quintet

A five-pack of seasonal treats means one for every day of the week, and with flavors like dark chocolate orange peel and milk chocolate honey, there's something for everyone.

7 Salts of the Earth

Fancy salt will never go out of style. This collection features an array of flavors from Hawaii to the Kalahari Desert—homemade sea salt caramels won't even know what hit 'em.

Nuts & Fruits & Honey

The name says it all. This condiment follows the basic principle of delicious plus delicious equals delicious, and works just as well on a cheese board as it does served over ice cream.

Chocolate Orange

An actual orange in the stocking may be tradition, but a chocolate orange is . . . well, chocolate. 

Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend

If you know someone who wishes they could eat bagels for every meal, this is the answer.

Simpler Wines Peach

Sure, peach might bring summer to mind, but think twice before you put stone fruit in a wine-shaped box.

Bath Fizzers Set

Not everything needs to be edible. Make the post-holiday relaxation scenario even better with four soothing bath companions.