Aldi Mini Champagne For $8

And, yes, this time they're actually available in the U.S.

Experiencing the thrill of popping open a Champagne bottle shouldn't be limited to just a select few at your New Year's bash. That's why Aldi is letting you spread the love with the latest addition to its ever-expanding and award-winning booze aisle: miniature three-packs of sparkling cuvée.

According to drinks website Supercall, Aldi describes the wine as having a "bouquet of dry crunchy fruit, notes of apple, cinnamon and peach with a tangy finish." And don't let the measly $8 price tag fool you—with all the accolades the brand's affordable spirits have won in the past, something tells us you won't be missing the Veuve Clicquot. 

Supercall also notes, however, that U.S. Aldi stores are selling only a limited quantity of these single servings, so ideally you'll be stopping by your closest store well before the countdown begins.