TrailKeg Growler

A draft-quality pour shouldn't require a taproom

Nothing should stop you from enjoying a draft beer—even if there's no taproom or giant metal keg in sight. At least that's the idea behind TrailKeg, the beer growler that does way more than keep your favorite brew safe.

Yes, it will keep your double IPA chilled for up to a day, but TrailKeg's real magic trick is how it will also keep your beer carbonated for weeks on end. It's all thanks to the growler's lid, where CO2 cartridges—the same ones you'd use on a fancy whipping siphon—keep beer as bubbly as the day you brought it home from your favorite craft brewery. The built-in tap also means draft pours are never out of the question, whether you're parked in front of a campfire, lounging on the beach or pouring out a well-deserved pint after a sweaty hike. (Speaking of which, the sturdy stainless steel is hefty enough to survive a few drops during your climb.)

And while the 64-ounce model is small enough to fit in your backpack, TrailKeg's gallon-size can dole out enough pints for a party. Up to you if you want to try a miniature keg stand.