Puerto Rico Tourism After Hurricane Maria

After months of rebuilding, the island is welcoming visitors once more

After months of rebuilding, Puerto Rico has reached a major turning point with the announcement that it will be reopening its doors for incoming visitors.

"Tourism is a vital contributor to the Island's economy, so reaching these milestones not only will help build a stronger, better Puerto Rico, but showcases the resiliency in our people and destination," José Izquierdo, executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Commission, says in the official statement.

The statement also highlights the fact that all of the island's airports are fully functioning, with most hotels, restaurants and public transportation back in operation. Meanwhile, major cruise lines, such as Carnival, have also began reintroducing San Juan as a port of call.

The achievement comes right in the middle of the highly popular holiday season, which is traditionally celebrated as early as November and continues well past mid-January on the island. 

Though the island is showing signs of improvement, work is far from done: You can still donate to United for Puerto Rico to make a difference.