Ceramic Doughnuts Jae Yong Kim

Meet the artist behind the beautiful ceramic sculptures

We joke that some pastries are too pretty to eat. But South Korean ceramicist Jae Yong Kim is proving sometimes, that's actually true.

Kim, a graduate of the Hartford Art School in Connecticut, churns out Pop Art doughnuts at his studio in New Jersey. The stunning treats swap out flour and yeast for paint, clay and, in some cases, Swarovski crystals, Colossal reports. But it's that deceivingly shiny potter's glaze—that unfortunately isn't made from sugar—and the detailed imperfections in each piece that make it hard to remember you shouldn't bite down. 

"Questioning myself regarding the donuts . . . has brought questions and need for understanding," he tells Colossal. "Each individual donut has invariably read to me as a small painting; color, pattern and physicality have been the ultimate procedure for my personal expression."

The average person might not be able to find as deep a meaning in fried carbs as Kim does, but that doesn't mean we all can't appreciate his beautiful art. Check out more of his doughnut sculptures on Instagram or in his portfolio—and here's hoping someone starts frying up edible versions of his work in the near future.