Field Skillet's New Cast-Iron Pan

This lighter, nimbler skillet won't break your wrist

Whether we're looking for an excuse to use it for every meal or sparking a debate over if you can wash it with soap, our love for cast iron knows no bounds.

But for something we cook with every day, there's no denying cast iron is among the heaviest—and clunkiest—pieces of cookware. (Try doing your best single-handed pan flip and tell us how your wrist feels afterward.)

That's where Field Company's skillet comes in. We first heard about the brand in 2016 after founders Stephen and Chris Muscarella raised $1.6 million on Kickstarter. Their original model has all the heat-retaining properties we love in a cast-iron pan, while still being light enough for fancy kitchen maneuvers. It also happens to be slick enough that even your most stubborn eggs can go "ice skating on the surface," the company claims.

Well, that skating rink just got a lot larger: Field Company is launching a bigger brother to its original skillet this week, with a surface area that's grown by 40 percent, ideal for searing a particularly large rib eye or roasting a family-size chicken this holiday. At over $100, it may not be for everyone, but for cooks who don't like to compromise, it might be the thing that never leaves the stove.