Starbucks Roastery In Shanghai

Imagine if Willy Wonka decided to open a coffee factory instead

You'd think the U.S., with its love for coffee that gets separated into dedicated seasons like pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha, would be in the running for the title of Starbucks Capital of the World.

However, that award can now go to Shanghai, thanks to the company's latest opening: a sprawling, 30,000-square-foot Reserve Roastery that's officially the largest Starbucks ever. At twice the size of the flagship roastery in Seattle, it's more a museum dedicated to java versus a stop to grab a morning pick-me-up.

At the 88-foot-long bar (one of many places to snag a cup at the store), you can sip reserve coffee or nitrogen-infused Teavana teas brewed using an innovative steaming method. There's also an on-site bakery with enough carbs from famed Italian baker Rocco Princi to keep you fueled as you explore Starbucks' first-ever augmented reality experience. According to the announcement, just point your phone at any of the roastery's key features—whether it's the 40-ton copper cask or handmade wooden ceiling—and you'll get a virtual tour of the wonderland.

If you're currently stateside and suffering from caffeine-fueled envy, don't worry: Once the Chicago Reserve Roastery opens in 2019, it will steal the World's Largest Starbucks title away from Shanghai, because of its even more massive footprint of 43,000 square feet.