Trolli Candy Clothing Line

It's the surprising food collaboration we're not saying no to

We knew 90s fashion trends were set to make a comeback, but instead of rainbow-color Lisa Frank tees and bleached overalls, candy company Trolli is blessing our wardrobes with something even better: a clothing line dedicated to its sour gummies. 

Its new #WeirdlyWoven line, in partnership with fashion brand Mokuyobi, is a tribute to your favorite movie concession snack that wouldn't make you look out of place at a Saved by the Bell pop-up bar. The neon lineup includes everything from socks and baseball caps to even fanny packs emblazoned with lip-puckering gummy worms and octopuses. (Don't worry: There are plenty of pockets sewn in for candy stashes.) There are also patches you can stitch onto whatever clothes you have that aren't already emblazoned with candy worms.

Just be sure to redo your wardrobe before everyone else fills their need for 90s nostalgia and the line sells out.