The Best High-Tech Drink Gadgets

Including a levitating cup, innovate wine system & more

It's not just cooking gadgets that we obsess over. There's another group of high-tech machines that belong in your kitchen. They're teaching you everything from how to become a mixologist to a sommelier—all from the comfort of your own home bar. Whether you pick one out as a gift for the plugged-in drink-lover in your life or decide to keep everything for yourself, we have you covered.

Plum Wine SystemWe are so excited to announce that we have started shipping Plum! Pre-order link in bio. Cheers #wine #perfection #winetime #winelovers #winebytheglass #whitewine #redwine #winepreservationA post shared by PLUM ( on Oct 5, 2017 at 12:56pm PDT

Gone are the days when you had to race to finish a bottle of wine before it spoiled. Plum's sleek black box is more than just a wine chiller: A camera recognizes the label, right down to the wine's varietal and origin, storing it at the perfect serving temperature. Once it's time to serve, a needle pierces the cork and dispenses the wine into your glass, all without truly opening the bottle. (It also injects argon gas into the wine to ensure it never oxidizes.)

Ember Coffee Mug

The built-in heater in this ceramic mug keeps your coffee or tea at the ideal sipping temperature while you tackle the Sunday crossword. After you've figured out that inevitably frustrating clue, just use the accompanying app to reheat your now-cooled drink.

Perfect Drink ProSometimes your small gathering turns into a bigger party... Perfect Drink makes it easy to seamlessly dial up your serving size for perfect cocktails for all!A post shared by Perfect Company (@makeit_perfectly) on Aug 29, 2017 at 3:38pm PDT

No need to do time behind a bar to call yourself a mixologist: Once you tell this smart scale what's in your liquor cabinet, it'll hold your hand through a whole library of cocktail recipes. Park your shaker on the scale and just start pouring; the accompanying app will alert you when to stop. Though, if you do end up "accidentally" over-pouring, the Perfect Drink Pro can readjust the rest of the measurements back to a more appropriate ratio.

Porthole Infuser

If these stunning glass infusers are good enough for Grant Achatz to use in his inventive cocktail bar, The Aviary, then you can bet they're good enough for us, too. Arrange your favorite aromatics inside the see-through chamber before pouring in your favorite spirit, tea or oils for a vessel that doubles as a statement piece.

Levitating Cup20% off Cyber Monday sale ends at midnight. Don't miss out!A post shared by Levitatingx (@levitatingx) on Nov 27, 2017 at 8:52am PST

Will it revolutionize your beverage-making habits? Maybe not, but your homemade drinks deserve a floating podium. And don't worry—the luxurious-looking glasses, which range from coffee cups to cocktail coupes, are completely shatterproof.