Fried Chicken Made With La Brea Bakery Breadcrumbs

It's all about the breadcrumbs

What separates good fried chicken from great fried chicken is all in the crispy crumb coat: It shouldn't be too heavy or too light. Our go-to trick for getting the texture right? Using artisan bread crumbs to cover the chicken. Once fried, the crumbs come together to make that perfect golden-brown crunch.

However, not all bread crumbs are created equal. Quality is key, and making a batch from scratch is a must. The bread has to have plenty of flavor on its own, which is why we opt for La Brea Bakery Bread. We go with the Rosemary Olive Oil Loaf, which has a distinctive flavor all its own that feels just right for this time of year, for our fried chicken. "The artisan hallmarks of our Rosemary Olive Oil Loaf—including a crispy crust and rich flavor profile—make it the perfect choice creating the fried chicken breading," Jonathan Davis, La Brea Bakery Master Baker, says. "We take over 24 hours to achieve this texture and flavor, allowing the rosemary's subtle piney aroma to settle in with the olive oil's rich notes as the bread slowly rises over time."

Of course, these types of results also require the best ingredients. La Brea Bakery sources high-quality flours that enhance each bread, and also has been using its original starter since 1989. As Davis notes, time is also key. Each loaf is gently mixed to allow the gluten to develop undisturbed, and there are no dough conditioners, additives or preservatives to accelerate the process. This slow process makes for an artisanal bread like no other.

Craving fried chicken? Watch the video above to see how the magic happens.