'Star Wars' Pop-Up Bar NYC

Cross over to the Darkside (Bar)

Nerds of NYC, there's a pop-up bar with your name on it, and it doesn't mind that your coffee comes out of an R2-D2 French press or that your waffles are shaped like the Death Star. 

Darkside Bar in Soho is serving as a hub for Star Wars fans all over the city, and its theme extends to way more than just the Sith-tinged decor. Sip from a whole menu of custom cocktails including the Jedi Mind Trick, a Long Island iced tea turned green with Midori, and the Red Sphere, fruit juice spiked with cherry vodka and peach liqueur. According to Food and Wine, there's also a selection of themed bites, such as Bantha Fodder, which are vegan sushi rolls.

Nightly events include an intergalactic burlesque show that wouldn't be out of place on the planet Coruscant and the obligatory trivia night to show off your knowledge of the Force. Of course, if you've been trying to find an excuse to break out that Chewbacca outfit on a day other than Halloween, Darkside Bar encourages guests to go in costume.

Reservations are $33 a person, and that includes two signature cocktails per ticket. The bar is currently open through January 15; though if your hyperdrive generator won't get you to NYC before then, the bar also has pop-up locations in both Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.