Empire Estate Dry Riesling Wine

Empire Estate's Dry Riesling is the answer to a season of marathon entertaining

Still don't have your wine picked out for Thanksgiving? Thomas Pastuszak, the wine director at The NoMad in New York City, has the answer for you.

His latest from Empire Estate Wine is the 2016 Dry Riesling, a versatile pour that will definitely make its way onto our table during this marathon weekend of entertaining. Pastuszak fell in love with the Finger Lakes while attending college nearby, and his project reads like an all-around ode to the people, practices and terrain that make the Upstate New York region so unique.

Riesling might bring to mind images of sweet glasses, but this one is actually almost spicy. It has "piercing mineral tones" balanced by plenty of fruity aromas and tastes bright enough to liven up any cold winter night. The bottle's label was created by Milton Glaser—you might recognize his iconic I —with a design that will surely draw you in.

It's available in Whole Foods around the country, so as you're picking up last-minute cans of spare cranberry sauce, make a detour for the wine section. This wide distribution helps spread the good word about the Finger Lakes' incredible wine presence, taking the grapes out of the land's picturesque vineyards, gorges and valleys, and onto your dinner table—no matter where you live.

Oh, and did we mention it's only $18? And twist off? No further arguments needed.