Letherbee Autumnal Gin

Not all pink spirits belong to summer

Things we eagerly await each year: the next iPhone announcement, the arrival of Santa Claus and news of Letherbee Distillers' next seasonal gin.

The independent Chicago-based distillery, which releases a unique gin four times a year, just announced its 2017 autumnal release: a vibrantly pink bottle that at first looks like it belongs in a summer wine spritzer. The blush color comes from cranberries, which after harvesting are submerged back into a pond of rosemary-infused water. The woody herb counters the berries' tart brightness, while dried lemon peel balances the wintry flavor. There are also background notes of seasonally appropriate cardamom, allspice and almond. 

Do as Letherbee suggests and use it for a modern take on a hot toddy, a winterized Corpse Reviver, or for sipping fireside when the occasion calls for something classy.

The distiller is making only a limited batch of 260 cases, which will go on sale November 20. If you need proof as to how popular these bottles are, this year's previous releases are all sold out—so just like that new tech gadget, you're better off grabbing a bottle without delay.