Travel Destination Of The Year 2017: Canada

Why 'Travel + Leisure' thinks you should be making your way up north soon

We're not the only ones who can't stop singing Canada's praises. Travel + Leisure just unveiled 2017's Destination of the Year, and it's our northern neighbor that's been filling up everyone's passport pages.

According to the announcement, the selection process took into account the country's "sustained cultural relevance, as well as its blend of world-class cities, epic natural wonders and eclectic cuisine." Canada also ranked high in factors that were most important to globe-trotters, including an emphasis on environmental preservation, an array of multicultural cities and an ever-growing food and arts scene. 

"Canada celebrated its 150th birthday this year, of course, but the country has also distinguished itself during a particularly divisive time as a welcome unifier of communities and cultures," editor-in-chief Nathan Lump adds.

It also helps that it's never been easier to visit the country: In addition to a favorable exchange rate for U.S. travelers, Air Canada has been adding more planes in response to increased demand, whether you're visiting Montreal for its eclectic cuisine or Vancouver for its scenic surroundings.