'Glou Glou' Wine Magazine

L.A.'s 'Glou Glou' makes becoming a wine enthusiast just a little less fussy

Venturing into the wine world doesn't have to involve confusing wine speak and holier-than-thou terminology. Think of just-launched Glou Glou Magazine as that down-to-earth best friend who isn't afraid of answering all your embarrassing wine questions.

Inspired as a playful "children's book of wine" (geared toward adults, of course), the L.A.-based magazine makes thinking outside the Franzia box just a bit more approachable—without all the fussiness you'd normally encounter in learning more about wine. For instance, the inaugural issue tackles the question, "WTF is natural wine," via three California winemakers who serve as field guides to what they affectionately call "electrifying juice."

It's been more than two years in the making, but you can now grab the word-of-mouth guide at select stockists throughout L.A.