José Andrés Returns To Feed Puerto Rico

Efforts will focus on feeding the more severely hit areas of the island

Despite reports of scaled-back relief efforts in Puerto Rico, José Andrés recently showed that his nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, will continue to serve meals. "We're going to try to keep doing this until Christmastime," he said in a video post on Twitter.

Andrés has been a leading force for Hurricane Maria relief since the devastating storm struck Puerto Rico in late September. Through the work of volunteers, Puerto Rican chefs and World Central Kitchen, Andrés has been serving more than 120,000 people a day.

Some parts of the island have shown signs of recovery, with businesses reopening and buildings being rebuilt; Andrés recently Tweeted a video of himself grabbing lunch from a roadside stand. But he's rightfully concerned that recovery is not moving fast enough in the more severely hit areas.

Andrés has already served more than two million meals in Puerto Rico—here's hoping for continued relief from all.