Whisky Pouch Subscription

They're like Capri Suns, but with alcohol

Finding the perfect holiday gift for that booze-loving friend or relative (or yourself) can be difficult. You can't go wrong with a wine subscription service, but here's a better idea: Conjure up childhood memories of juice with Whisky Me, a whisky-of-the-month club from London's Black Rock whisky bar. 

For $10 a month (or a discounted $110 a year), Whisky Me delivers a pouch of single-malt whisky each month. Each delivery contains a drop more than one and a half fluid ounces of amber goodness and a description of the drink. The samples hail from various upscale distilleries, including Aberfeldy, Macallan and Royal Lochnagar.

As of now, the subscription service is available only in the UK, but fingers crossed it expands soon—preferably before December 24.