'Stranger Things' Hotel Room

Perfect for binge-watching the latest season

Booking a hotel room just to watch a TV show? Yeah, it sounded ridiculous to us, too—until we saw the Stranger Things-themed room at The Gregory Hotel in NYC.

Perfect for the biggest fans who really want to get immersed in the Upside Down, the $249-a-night package—which is available until August 30 of next year—includes everything you need to binge-watch your way through the latest season, including themed bedding, a collectible "Friends don't lie" mug and a light-up tapestry replicating Joyce Byers's living room wall.

To fuel you through your marathon, the room also includes a box of frozen waffles (Eggo brand, of course), along with complimentary wine and Heathy Skoop's Sleep Protein to "help you sleep away the post-show scaries."

Just be sure to go to bed with one eye open, in case Will tries to send you a message from the Upside Down.