Christmas Stocking Flasks

Probably not what Santa originally had in mind

Sometimes you need that little bit of magic to keep your Christmas spirit alive, be it in the form of half-eaten cookies, fake reindeer tracks or (if you're over 21) a stocking filled to the brim with your favorite booze.

Produced by Party Flasks, this leak-proof sock holds up to 2.25 liters, which notes is good for roughly three bottles of your favorite wine (whether that's Franzia or a classier vintage is up to you). And if boxed Fireball is more your style, the festive flask is more than capable of storing your favorite handle of spiced whiskey.

We should make it clear, though, if you do end up filling yours with something as potent as hard liquor, it's probably best to hang it someplace other than where you're roasting chestnuts. Merry stocking slapping.