The Best Food Stories From The Week

Everything you might have missed this week

We get it, you're busy. We're swamped, too—busy combing the Internet to keep you in the loop amid this fast-moving world, that is. Head into the weekend with these articles, food-related deep dives and Tasting Table reads stored away as dinner party conversation fodder.

All About Food

Michelin director Michael Ellis claims he "can't do anything" to change the guide's lack of female representation.

Speaking of which, Taste dives into why the world is "so collectively annoyed by food and drink trends that we associate with women."

A Noma alum tells the world how he really feels about restaurant rankings, and he doesn't hold back.

How many engineers does it take to make a proper burger emoji? (The answer is: a lot.)

Your favorite Chinese (but not really Chinese) take-out order turns 30 years old.

Clear pumpkin pie: Why?

Meet Rooffee, the awfully named coffee for dogs we're not sure we need.

Elsewhere on the Web

Americans set a new record for becoming, well, not American. 

That iconic green code in The Matrix? Turns out it's just a bunch of sushi recipes.  

This Week on TT

New York's most prominent French restaurant gets downgraded in this year's Michelin Guide.

Explaining the most cringe-worthy (and tone-deaf) Kickstarter video you'll ever watch.