Brown's Brewing Beer Can Design

There isn't a beauty pageant for beer cans, but if there was, these lookers would win. Not your typical art medium, the aesthetically pleasing beer cans from Brown's Brewing Company are a welcome departure from the aluminum homogeny we're used to seeing.

And though they're worth buying just to look at, the Troy, New York, brewery's products are more than just skin-deep: The beer inside has won multiple awards—proving it has brains and beauty. 

Cherry Razz

The cherry- and raspberry-infused brew is a tart rendition of a classic amber, making an inside that's just as colorful as the outside.

Coast-to-Coast IPA

For all you IPA-loving hipsters out there, this green-and-blue hexagonal-designed can is almost as cool as you are. 

Vienna Lager

Stare at this can long enough, and the lines start moving. Or maybe you're just drunk.

Krüsh Kölsch

This takes Orange Krüsh to a whole new level.

Uncommon Porter

With three types of roast coffee beans and a touch of vanilla, the beer itself has as many dimensions as the pattern on the can.

Burst IPA

This one looks like it's straight out of Apocalypse Now.

Black Cherry Stout

This Oatmeal Stout/Cherry Razz hybrid is giving off some serious Stranger Things vibes.