'Stranger Things' Drinking Game Season 2

Just don't forget to grab some Eggos beforehand

Few shows have garnered such a strong and passionate cult following as Stranger Things, Netflix's hit series that premiered last summer. Following the cinematography style of classic movies like E.T. and ringing in an eerily John Carpenter-esque soundtrack, it's a tribute to the 80s the way we millennials remember them: filled with the acid-washed jeans, old-school video games and mysterious monsters that fueled our childhood nightmares.

So in honor of Eleven, Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas, we're celebrating the show's long-awaited return with the ultimate drinking game. Stock up on Eggos, grab your favorite synth-pop mixtape and get ready to sip, slurp and chug your way through season two.

Take a sip:

 Each time the screen goes dark and the lights begin to flicker. 

 Anytime Jonathan, Will's older brother, looks pensively and adoringly at Nancy.

 Every time you see an Eggo waffle.

 When old-school snacks and sweets, like Bazooka gum and Smarties, make an appearance.

 If Nancy and Steve get into an argument.

 Every time Joyce cries or has a frantic motherly breakdown. 

Take a swig:

 Anytime Will disappears into the Upside Down.

 Every time Elle has a nosebleed.

 When Hopper takes a drag of a cigarette—or a slug of alcohol.

 When something inexplicably burns or catches on fire.

 Anytime there's a Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings reference.

Finish your drink:

 When Elle makes her return.

 Anytime Thriller starts playing.

Finish the entire bottle:

When we finally get #JusticeforBarb.

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