The Pool Lounge NYC

Settle in for strong drinks and prime people-watching

Let Bono, Selena, Fabio and Beyoncé prove that many of the world's gifts go by a single name. It's likely that NYC's latest cocktail bar, with mononymous cocktails like Cinnamon, Tomato and Strawberry, whose flavor profiles will never leave you guessing, would agree.

The Pool Lounge, the latest from Major Food Group, is giving New Yorkers a new reason to venture to Midtown. It's an impeccably designed spot from the Mario Carbone, Jeff Zalaznick and Rich Torrisi collab, which has 12 New York Times stars and three Michelin stars to its name. The group also debuted the first two parts of their sweeping Four Seasons revamp, with The Grill and The Pool. Next (and last) up is The Lobster Club, which will open next week.

Sour Apple cocktail | Photo: Matt Taylor-Gross

Bartender Thomas Waugh is at the helm of this classy cocktail bar. He has 15 years of bar service under his belt at award-winning places like Death & Co and Pegu Club, and is creating ingredient-driven cocktails that simultaneously vibe with and lighten up the restaurant's curated glimmer. If you like apples, perhaps you'd enjoy his "rehabilitation of the exiled apple martini," which combines cold-pressed Granny Smith apple juice with rye, Calvados, Thai basil and lemon juice. Or opt for the tropical mango take on a whiskey sour that's strikingly topped with an inside-out mango peel.

Mango cocktail | Photo: Matt Taylor-Gross

The newly renovated landmarked space overlooks The Pool, the fanciest of the restaurant renovations inside the Seagram Building and an ode to all things aquatic. This makes for prime people-watching, so order a cucumber-infused absinthe number and watch as diners below enjoy caviar service and sea urchin toast under a stunning Alexander Calder 1973 mobile.