Fall Design Trends 2017

Velvet, blush and macramé are all the rage

It's no secret that we get our fair share of inspiration from Pinterest, so when the social site unveiled its home decor trends for fall, we were thrilled to further indulge our obsession of endless hours of scrolling and pinning. According to the report, decorating with velvet, blush and macramé accents were among the most-searched terms, leading the trends for the season. Read on to see how we're bringing these fresh themes home. 

Photo: Nicole Franzen


We still can't get over the effortless elegance of a blush sofa—couple it will a velvet finish and you have a serious showstopper. In this modern living room, a monochromatic palette sets an ideal backdrop, allowing the sofa to stand in as a subtle color accent, without overpowering the surrounding decorative elements of the room. 

Photo: Morgan Pansin

L.A.-based pregnancy and wellness center LOOM definitely tops our list as one of the more stunning spaces we've seen in a while. Completely whitewashed, the center is composed of a palette of muted hues, mango wood accents and an abundance of light, resulting in an understated aesthetic that's effortlessly chic. The subtle hints of blush spotted throughout help downplay the intensity of both the striking whitewash and the darker tones found within the stools and table legs. 

Photo: Skye Parrot

Rattan made a comeback this year, and artist Carly Jo Morgan's blush interpretation of the trend leaves little else to be desired. It's, at the least, a refreshing take on the classic style—especially when paired with cozy textures and graphic decorative details. Here, an eclectic mix of patterns inspires a worldly detail to the decor, while a muted color palette provides a dynamic accent against the rustic walls.

Photo: Nikole Ramsay


It's the quintessential material of the season—seriously, fall and velvet were made for one another. More often than not, it'll come in the form of a striking sofa or chair of a vibrant palette, and we wouldn't have it any other way. In this Australian living room, a bold blue rules, stealing the spotlight from the neutral backdrop.

Photo: Nicole Franzen

Velvet and brass were made for one another. Don't believe us? This luxe bedroom is all the proof you need. Come fall, incorporating warm and cozy textures within our spaces becomes key, and velvet is the textile we've got our eyes on. The surprisingly versatile material can be paired with a variety of decorative elements—wood, various metals, sheepskin, you name it—earmarking it as a staple for the colder months.

Photo: Pop and Scott

Melbourne-based home decor shop Pop & Scott is known for furnishings that manage to pack in major style through a streamlined aesthetic. Its line of sofas comes decked in the richest hues, emulating vibrant jewel tones further accentuated by lush velvet textiles. Here, the juxtaposition of materials contributes to the elegant-meets-modern finish of the piece, which'll seamlessly fit within a wide range of decorative aesthetics. 

Photo: Nicole Franzen


Leave it to designer Leanne Ford to put such an effortlessly chic spin on a classic macramé weaving. The impressive piece pictured inspires a refreshing detail amid the monochromatic finish of her entry where the absence of color is more than made up for by the intricate textures involved. 

Kimball Colorblock Macrame Sling Chair, $329 | Photo: Urban Outfitters

Who knew macramé could be so chic? Seriously, we challenge you to find a more style-focused seat. From its fall-friendly color palette to the streamlined make of the piece, this sling chair can fit in with just about any decor scheme. 

This article originally appeared on Domino.