What The Queen Eats For Breakfast

Maybe she's born with it, or maybe it's her corgi-loving, dapper hat-wearing, gin-drinking nature that makes us love the reigning Queen of England so damn much. We have no shame in declaring our absolute loyalty to Queen Elizabeth, especially her eating and drinking habits.  

From her daily gin and Dubonnet to the royal last-bite rule at mealtime, the Queen dines in a way we can never even hope to emulate.

Or can we? In an interview with Marie Claire, it was revealed that contrary to what one might think, the Queen's daily breakfast does not consist of plump scones with clotted cream and fried blood sausages. No, the Queen's daily breakfast is (drumroll, please): Kellogg's Corn Flakes. That's right: run-of-the-mill, American cornflakes.

A former royal chef spilled the beans, saying that the Queen loves her cornflakes so much she even eats them straight out of the plastic Tupperware container she keeps them in. No milk, just dry flakes in her royal hand.

So even though we may never own a herd of purebred corgis, we can all pour a bowl of cornflakes and declare ourselves queens for a day.