Foods Celebrities Hate

You're not the only one who can't stand mayonnaise

Just because you're a Food Network star, acclaimed chef or healthy-eating hero doesn't mean you can't have that one food you'd rather pass to the dog. Here are seven celebrity chefs (and just, well, celebrities) on the surprising everyday foods they won't let near their dinner. 

Tom Colicchio

While Top Chef's veteran is used to all the less-than-stellar dishes that have landed on the judge's table over the past 14 seasons, it's a surprisingly common ingredient that's his biggest pet peeve. "I will not eat okra. I hate it.  . . . All the okra lovers out there, there's just more for them because I don't want it," he tells PopSugar.

Ina Garten

Walk through Garten's sprawling East Hampton herb garden, and you'll find one thing missing: cilantro. "I know people love it, and you can add it to the recipe. I just hate it," she confesses in an episode of the Munchies podcast.

Michelle Obama

Even though she's a champion of healthy eating, the former First Lady does have a hated veggie. "I know that I'm known for eating my vegetables, and there really isn't much I don't enjoy. But I'm just not a fan of beets," she reveals to Food & Wine.

Alton Brown

The Good Eats god has one word of advice when it comes to impressing people at a dinner party: "Truffle oil sucks, don't offer that," he tells Grub Street.

Queen Elizabeth

The British monarch's dislike for garlic has been well documented to the point that chefs cooking in the gilded halls of Buckingham Palace know to avoid using it altogether. Luckily, her bartenders have it a bit easier when it comes to fulfilling her drink order.

Jimmy Fallon

"I hate mayonnaise. I'm disgusted by it. I can't stand it. I could function [if it's on my food], but I won't be happy," the late-night host tells Vulture. It's OK, Jimmy, you just haven't had a taste of Duke's yet. 

Scott Conant

The first rule of competing on Chopped? Never serve raw red onions if Conant happens to be on the judge's panel; his spiteful hatred for it has become a legendary meme. "I've had enough of the red onion jokes for the past three years to last me a lifetime. And not a single one has been funny," he says in an interview with Food Republic.