José Andrés Feeds Puerto Rico

The chef has fed more Puerto Ricans than the Red Cross

When José Andrés first arrived in Puerto Rico, his initial goal was to feed 200 people a day. After establishing a kitchen at the Coliseo, the largest commercial kitchen he could find, that number quickly reached 5,000. But according to Grub Street, with the combined efforts of countless volunteers; his nonprofit organization, World Central Kitchen; and the chefs of Puerto Rico working in 14 other satellite kitchens, Andrés has now been able to feed well over 120,000 people a day in the American territory ravaged by Hurricane Maria. 

But Andrés has something even more impressive to be proud of: In a video he posted to Twitter yesterday, the chef announced that his tireless team had served their one-millionth meal since beginning their mission 21 days ago. (In comparison, The Washington Post notes that the American Red Cross has so far given out roughly 540,000 meals, in addition to 534,000 relief supplies.)

Despite this celebratory milestone, it might still be awhile before Andrés returns to his restaurants back in the States (one of which maintained its two Michelin stars with the announcement of the D.C. guide earlier this week). The chef has promised to continue providing meals to locals in Puerto Rico until they are able to take care of themselves once again. But even though Hurricane Maria made landfall nearly a month ago, around one million of its residents are still without clean water and three million without power.

"The reality here is very hard to escape. My question is, if we don't do it, who's going to do it?" the chef tells The Washington Post.

If you'd like to help José Andrés continue to feed Puerto Rico, you can donate to his nonprofit, World Central Kitchen.