Exclusive Wine Tour To Support California Fire Relief

Every glass goes toward Napa Valley fire recovery

Master sommelier Dustin Wilson is the former wine director of Eleven Madison Park and the star of the wildly popular documentary SOMM. Needless to say, he knows a little bit about wine.

And from November 8 to 11, Wilson is teaming up with Journy to host an exclusive wine tour of Santa Barbara, Central California's go-to wine region.

"Santa Barbara is an awesome place to make wine, and I think it's still really under the radar," Wilson says. "You've got this really authentic vibe going on and some really badass winemakers that are doing cool stuff that's pushing the envelope a little bit."

The four-day tour will take participants to three wineries each day, where they'll taste between five and 10 varieties per vineyard. In case you're already a couple glasses deep, we'll do the math for you: That's more than 60 pours of wine.  

Add in accommodations at the gorgeous Spanish Garden Inn and meals at the area's finest restaurants and cafés, and you have the ultimate VIP experience. But the best part about the tour isn't the 60-plus wines or the luxurious hotel rooms: All proceeds from the tour, which costs $3,000 a person, will be donated to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund to support those affected by the devastating wildfires in Northern California.

The fires have killed 31 people and left unimaginable destruction in their wake, particularly in Napa and Sonoma Counties. At least 16 wineries have been either severely damaged or completely destroyed, setting back what is perhaps the most profitable industry of the region.

As fellow winemakers step up to support the area's rebuilding efforts, you can join in and help bring Napa Valley closer to recovery.