Best Stories On The Internet This Week

Your kosher salt might be hiding a secret

We love watching adorable animal GIFs as much as the next person, but unfortunately, chatting about burrito-munching hamsters can get you only so far at a cocktail party. Here are the stories (both food and otherwise) you should've been reading instead.

All About Food

• One restaurant is determined to give back its zero-star review to New York Times critic Pete Wells. 

• The Bon Appétit staff is waging war over some of the most controversial ingredients of all time.

• So, it turns out you might've bought the wrong box of kosher salt.

 Real Thai food (we're not talking pad Thai here) is finally on the rise.

• This bakery is doing its best to thrive—in the middle of a war zone.

Around the Web

• Watch the Mexican national soccer team honor Frida the rescue dog. (Yes, we're crying, too.)

• We thought we had decent fall foliage here in the Northeast—until the rest of the world showed us up with their autumnal displays.

• And the Oscar for best actor goes to . . . a disembodied hand?

This Week on TT

• Dominique Crenn proved once and for all why she's one of our favorite chefs.

• Life is rough if you're an Applebee's employee this month.

• If you have a habit of burning dinner, then we have the perfect recipe for you.