Brainfood NYC 2017

Think of this weekend as the food world's version of a TED Talk

New York's annual Wine & Food Festival isn't the only big food event going on this weekend. If you're looking to do something more thought provoking than eating every burger in sight (not that there's anything wrong with that), consider attending Brainfood, the culinary world's version of a TED conference.

Heavy hitters of the food and drink universe—including Alton Brown, Claire King (the head of culinary for BuzzFeed Tasty) and Michelle Davis (of Thug Kitchen)—will be congregating in Brooklyn to share their thoughts on topics such as the future of food media and how to build careers in the industry, even if you're not a chef.

And if you are hoping for a chance to eat everything in sight, your ticket also includes samplings of all the #nyceeeeats that have been flooding your Instagram feed over the past year, from boulders of raw cookie dough to unnecessarily ornate avocado toasts.