Best IKEA Kitchen Tools Under $10

You'll have enough cash left over for plenty of Swedish meatballs

Take a look at 25 finds from IKEA's kitchen section that will help with everything from cooking and baking to storage and making the perfect latte at home. And the best part? All of these items are $10 or under. Grab a cup of tea and settle in for some serious browsing for your next IKEA run.

GUBBRÖRA Rubber Spatula, $1

These super-stylish spatulas are gentle to use, bendable and dishwasher safe—so they're as durable as they are great looking.

VARDAGEN Bottle and Can Opener, $6

A bottle and can opener are a necessary duo for any kitchen, and this stylish pair of openers will look great while you're hosting guests as well.

Photos: IKEA

CHOSIGT Grater with Container, $5

This is such a smart concept. A grater allows you to grate cheese directly into a container. Then, you can use the lid that comes with the grater to store extra cheese in the refrigerator. Brilliant, and only $5.

PROPPMÄTT Chopping Board, $8

This sturdy cutting board is made of solid beechwood. The board also features a milled groove edge that prevents food juice from spilling out onto countertops.  

VÖRDA Utility Knife, $7

Every kitchen needs a knife that can serve more than one purpose—this one does everything from slicing to chopping to filleting, making it the perfect all-purpose kitchen knife.

SMÅBIT Knife and Peeler, $6

Perfect for helping younger cooks learn their way around the kitchen, this knife and peeler set is designed especially for children.

GRUNKA Four-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set, Stainless Steel, $5

This set will have you covered for all your basic cooking needs. It also makes a crisp and stylish update if your current utensils have seen better days.

ORDNING Utensil Holder, $3

This stainless steel utensil holder will look modern and clean on your counter, and it's also big enough to hold a handful of large utensils.

VARDAGEN Jar with Lid, $6

This is such a pretty glass jar, and it will help you keep your dry goods organized and easy to find. These jars also look great when displayed on open shelving.

RAJTAN Spice Jar, $3 for four

These adorable glass jars are designed for easy-to-locate spice storage. P.S. If you Google "RAJTAN jar IKEA hacks," you'll find an endless stream of inspiration for customizing these spice containers.

KONCIS Stainless Steel Garlic Press, $4

An easy-to-clean garlic press is a kitchen essential—you can use it to make everything from vinaigrettes and pasta sauce to guacamole.  

PÅBJUDA Whisk, $3 for a set of two

A whisk set with both a big and small stainless steel component for under $3? Done and done.

UPPHETTA Coffee/Tea Maker, $10

This coffee/tea maker follows the French press model for a rich cup of coffee or vibrant cup of tea. The UPPHETTA receives very high ratings from users, so it seems like an incredible deal—under $10.

PRODUKT Milk Frother, $3

If you like lattes, you will love this incredibly clever item. It froths both hot and cold milk in only 15 to 20 seconds.

MÅTTLIG Milk Frothing Jug, $7

The MÅTTLIG Milk Frothing Jug is super useful for creating the perfect frothed milk beverage at home. 

TOKIG Salad Spinner, $6

Quickly remove excess water and get crisp and clean greens. The bottom bowl can also be used for serving.

VARDAGEN Baking Pan, $8

Made of anodized aluminum for enhanced durability, this baking pan will last for years. It's also great for anything, from cookies and granola to sheet cakes and beyond.

KONCIS Roasting Pan with Grill Rack, $10

The season for roasting is upon us, and the KONCIS roasting pan received high marks for both cooking and durability, making it a great tool for roasted meats and caramelized veggies.

HEAT Trivet, $4 for three

The HEAT trivets are made of renewable cork. They are both durable and versatile, as they easily fit together in order to hold larger cook- and dishware.

VARDAGEN Apron, $10

This apron is made of a linen-cotton blend, so it has the durability of linen with the added softness of cotton. This makes it perfect for any cook—plus, it looks great!

VARDAGEN Measuring Cups, $6 for a set of four

Avoid having to dig around for the right-sized measuring cup with this set of four attached cups. They're held together by a small stainless steel ring for ultimate easy use.

SOCKERKAKA Baking Cups, $4 for nine

These super-cute baking cups are made of silicone in order to prevent sticking. So, they're really the best of both worlds when it comes to cupcake baking.

KVOT Dish Drainer, $9

Made of galvanized steel, the KVOT is sturdy enough to handle large-sized dishes, while the modern design will look nice on any counter.   

PLASTIS Dish Brush, $1.50

Each dish brush has a suction cup feature, so it will stick to your sink or tile, therefore always staying exactly where you left it.

TEKLA Dish Towel, $1

The TEKLA dish towel is an absolute kitchen gem, as the lightweight, yarn-dyed cotton quickly absorbs water and spills, while the color retains its vibrancy after every single wash. 

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