The Best Food Writing Articles

All you need is 30 minutes

Whether you need help getting through your morning commute or finding a way to make the clock strike 5 pm just a little bit faster, here are the food stories this week that made us laugh, call our moms and, more importantly, run to the store for chocolate chips.

A well-intentioned sandwich hack is going viral—for all the wrong reasons. See the technique for spreading peanut butter on toast that's been confusing the internet.

As it turns out, butter used to be it's own recommended food group. Lifehacker explores the wonky dietary advice America was following long before we were served the Food Pyramid.

The quest for the best chocolate chip cookie will never end, and we can't say we're complaining. The New York Times revisits the saga with cookies as large as salad plates that use a game-changing technique.  

During a week of tragedies and sad news, NPR has discovered a cardinal rule of life: Pie brings people together

If you need proof that you're never too old to learn how to cook, just ask this mother of two who recently roasted her very first chicken. (Spoiler: This story is going to make you want to call your mom afterwards.)

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Classes on how to take better Instagram pictures probably wasn't what Escoffier had in mind for the Culinary Institute of America.

You can't call yourself a true royal until you have everyone at the dinner table following this rule.

Meet the spice blend that we just discovered (and can't stop using in everything).