Instant Pot Duo Mini

It's like the love child between an Instant Pot and . . . an Instant Pot

What does the Instant Pot have in common with M&M's, hamsters eating burritos and down payments? They're all better when smaller.

All you Instant Pot lovers out there, listen up. The Instant Pot Duo Mini, which released earlier this year, does mostly everything the larger one does; it just has a smaller counter space footprint. And by no means is it just for making doll food: It's smaller, not small. Three quarts is still 12 cups, and 12 cups of chili is still a lot of chili.

It also manages to pack major benefits into its smaller stature. The Mini is great for side dishes where you don't necessarily want a wealth of leftovers or if you're not trying to feed a family of five kids. Sure, you could freeze your leftovers, but how many bags of soup on layaway does one person really need?

The smaller size also means a smaller price tag, as the three-quart version is only $70, while a larger model can run up to $130. Bloggers have also pointed out the ease of use in an RV, for those times when you want to camp but also aren't trying to leave your Instant Pot at home.

It'll be a breeze for current regulation-size Instant Pot Duo users to learn how to use the Mini, as it has the same built-in programs for dishes like soup, stew, chili and yogurt. One reviewer says, "if you have a Duo, this will feel like home to you." Home is where the Instant Pot is, after all.