What To Do In NYC This Weekend October 2017

Your ritual Sunday brunch can get you only so far

It may be October, but a last-minute rush of warm weather means it's not quite yet acceptable to spend the weekend swaddled in flannel blankets and Seamless orders. Here are seven food-related events that will make embracing that autumnal sunshine just a bit easier. 

All Weekend

Broadway Bites Fall Market

Urbanspace's Herald Square food market is back for the season, offering indecisive eaters everything from Japanese comfort food restaurant Bessou's bento boxes to Baked Cheese Haus's raclette.

The Big Chocolate Show

For those still bitter about never winning a golden ticket, this cocoa-dusted expo is the closest you'll get to diving into a chocolate river. There are also ticketed master classes covering topics such as how to taste chocolate like a pro. 

Live at the Archway: Oktoberfest

True, Oktoberfest "officially" ended last week, but this family-friendly festival is the perfect excuse you need to break out your lederhosen just one last time. 

Friday, October 6

Du's Donuts and Coffee

Chefs Club Counter's newest resident will start selling its deep-fried confections starting Friday, through the end of fall. The first 200 customers can score free mini doughnuts and coffee milk once doors open at 8 a.m.

Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook

The editors behind the website and podcast celebrating women and food will be hosting a celebration in honor of their first cookbook, which is filled with recipes from the female movers and shakers of the food industry. 

Saturday, October 7

Diwali at Times Square

Swallow your Times Square-shuddering pride on this one: The largest celebration of Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights) outside of India is well worth braving the crowds. 

Sunday, October 8

New York African Restaurant Week Festival

More than 25 restaurants and vendors representing diverse cuisines from all over the continent will be on hand to kick off New York African Restaurant Week.