5 Foods That Will Help You Fight the Flu

If you're going to self-medicate, it might as well involve chicken noodle soup

Getting the flu is objectively the worst. It causes even the best of us to take sick days and cancel dream reservations. We're no doctors, but the following foods might help kick your immune system into gear—and besides, we'll never turn down a bowl of homemade soup.

① Warm Drinks

Having a cup of tea is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but that's because it works. Hydration is key when you're sick, so really lean into your liquid consumption. Try making this spicy fire cider and watch winter sickness go up in flames.

② Broth-Based Soups

Few things are as comforting as a bowlful of rich chicken noodle soup when you're under the weather. Or since you'll have plenty of downtime while sick at home, make your own bone broth.

③ Raw Garlic

Garlic is pungent, we know, but it does have flu-fighting properties. Chewing a raw clove every three to four hours can help bid the flu adieu. You're too sick to go on any first dates anyway.

④ Anything with Ginger

It's a good rule of thumb to store at least one can of ginger ale in your fridge when sickness season is around the corner. Anything with ginger in it is particularly helpful with settling that flu-induced upset stomach.

⑤ Dry Crackers

This might sound boring, but think of all the options you have: Saltines, club, oyster—anything will do. Salty, bland crackers are a solid choice when you're lacking your typical appetite, with oatmeal, toast and rice as other easily digestible choices.